Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Nature Reserve Notes (3): Damaged Ladybird

We encountered this battered-looking Ladybird on our walk through our local nature reserve last Sunday. I thought it could be a 7-spot, but the blotchy spots and what appears to be damage to the elytra made it hard to be sure. Neither photo shows off the markings of the pronotum very well.

I wondered whether it had been damaged by a parasitic wasp, but once again, this is only speculation on my part. Unlike other ladybirds I have seen that appear to have been affected in this way, this one was active and was not prepared to wait around for a decent photograph!

POSTSCRIPT: I have now had learned that it is indeed a 7-spot and that 'it could be a genetic mutation that causes this [strange marking] or frost damage.'

As usual I have logged this sighting with the UK Ladybird Survey, and if you find ladybirds in the UK, you might like to do the same. You can read about Dr Helen Roy and her ladybird work here.


Andrea said...

Because of inspirations from blogs i am also inspired to look for lady bugs in my plants and every plants i encounter. I remember you are the one who sent me the name of my "turtle-back designed" ladybug, however when i am about to use it i can't locate where i put the ID you gave, hahaha! I am now telling the kids not to destroy or kill ladybugs.

Caroline Gill said...

The ladybird in the Philippines should be here, Andrea: here.

Caroline Gill said...

Andrea, you will find my comments on your blog in the comments section here.