Friday 11 May 2012

Ladybird Alert (9): Another 7-Spot and a small Pine Ladybird (red on black)

7-spot Ladybird on Spirea (?Gold Flame)

Both these Ladybirds were spotted in my garden today. The one below was very small indeed. Neither of these is a Harlequin. I am about to log them on the UK Ladybird Survey site here (and you may like to do the same if you find Ladybirds).

Pine Ladybird (Exochomus 4-pustulatus)


Mary said...

I've never paid that much attention to the ladybugs for some reason. There are times when I have had a bunch come into the house. Haven't seen any this year yet.

Adam Tilt said...

Nice find with the 2-spot. Never seen one with those 'inverted' colours before.

Caroline Gill said...

Adam, it turns out to be a Pine Ladybird (the kind folk at the Ladybird Survey put me straight on this).