Thursday, 3 May 2012

Home Patch (9): Birds old and new

It was lovely to see this Thrush hopping about the garden again today. It was quite a shy bird, preferring the cover of the long grass around the area of decking. It is only the second time I have noticed it, and it seemed to be finding a feast of snails.

A Brown-lipped Snail (I believe) next to the leaf
The Goldfinches were back and the Great tits, but I also had a couple of new visitors in the guise of a pair of Collared Doves. Their distinctive cuc-koo koo sound caught my attention: I looked up from my keyboard to see one of the birds alighting on the aerial. I didn't have my camera to hand, but will try to take a photograph when they return.

I thought I saw a Grey Heron flying overhead, but it was a bit cloudy and I couldn't be sure. My updated 'bird tally' for our new home patch runs as follows:


J said...

That's a fair bird list, Caroline, and great to see Song Thrushes there as they are apparently declining. I think my garden list is somewhat smaller, but then I live in a flat, so I've got an excuse!

Adam Tilt said...

I'm just catching up on your blog Caroline and it's great to see that your new garden is delivering the birds.