Friday, 11 May 2012

Eye-catching Insects (10): Mystery ?Moth ?Micro-moth

I noticed a small flutter of mystery insects, flying around my Spirea in the sunshine yesterday. I was delighted to find that these creatures were still there today. Each time the sun emerged from the cloudy sky, the insects opened their wings and took to the air. Five seconds later when the sun went in again, the insects landed on the leaves. From my window they looked like small moths. Having seen them at close range today, I am no longer so sure. On account of their iridescence (a bit like that of a silverfish!) and of their skittish manner, they have proved quite hard to photograph. If the sun stays out for more than a few seconds, I will have a further attempt.

Meanwhile, if anyone can identify these insects, I would love to know!

P.S. The sun did come out again and I took a few more shots. There were fewer of these insects about ...

Red arrows showing long antennae

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