Tuesday 29 May 2012

Home Patch (14): Butterflies

Red Admiral, seen 24 May 2012
Male Orange Tip on a Pansy, seen 26 May 2012
I had already seen a male Orange Tip in the garden, but this was my first Red Admiral. I expect there will be plenty more when the Buddleia comes into flower! I also caught a glimpse of a small blue butterfly, probably a Holly Blue, but it didn't hang about.

Home Patch Butterflies ... to date (I am only counting pretty definite sightings)


Crafty Green Poet said...

lovely photos! I think male orange tips are one of my favourite butterflies, something about the way the orange flashes as they fly

kirstallcreatures said...

I really like the pic of the Orange Tip on the Pansy, lovely

Andrea said...

They are both lovely but that orange tip is so cute and unique. I think we dont have any of them here. I would like to do something like what you have been doing, at least on butterflies, but i just am not so familiar with their names. And because we have lots of butterflies of the same species it is difficult to count, much more so because they just come back again and again after several minutes.

Caroline Gill said...

How lovely, Andrea, to have so many species! Of course, one can never be entirely certain that one hasn't counted the same butterfly twice, but it is often possible to make an estimation. I saw a photo on the web yesterday of folk in a small boat trying to count numbers in a gigantic seabird colony, with birds flying about all the while! Even if you can't find out the names (and as you will notice, I sometimes have to be corrected!), we all enjoy seeing colourful photos of these creatures!