Wednesday 29 May 2024

Snapshots From Our Wild (Suburban) Garden

These self-seeded Oxeye Daisies are very popular with bees and beetles

We would love to think that butterflies were attracted to our butterfly house

Common Blue Damselfly, 29 May 2024

Sadly some of our ladybirds are Harlequins

Herbs in a trough

Rather scruffy insect hotels, used this year by Red Mason bees

Nettles galore!

Dark Bush Cricket (nymph)

Early Bumblebee on self-seeded Knapweed

One of several Robins

One of many seedheads, awaiting the wind

A largely green scene after a very wet spring

Yellow flag by the mini-ponds. We keep hoping for a(nother) frog...

We have nightly visits from a hedgehog. Two visited on 25 April 2023 as you can see.

Click here to see my updated species list.

1 comment:

Sal said...

Beautiful! I love the Ox Eye Daisies..they are lovely for pollinators and they grow all over the grass verges along the main road into Torquay. Last year, the council in its wisdom, mowed them all! ( I cried!) I’ve just grown a load of wild flowers from seed, ready to share amongst the gardeners in the family. Have a great weekend! 😁