Monday 5 February 2024

RSPB Minsmere with new Des Res for Kittiwakes

Birds galore

David and I checked the forecast last Saturday, which didn't promise much in the way of sunlight, but we set off anyway. In fact, the early February weather, on the day after World Wetlands Day, was superb. There were plenty of ducks about on the scrape behind East Hide.


The structure above was hard to miss, with its distinctive yellow base. I assumed it was to do with the new and controversial Sizewell C. However, it turns out to be a Kittiwake Hotel (see here also) for Black-legged Kittiwakes.  

We had a good view across to Southwold.

Is this a Great Northern Diver in winter plumage?

You can reach East Hide via the new boardwalk below.

You can see some of the birds we saw and heard.

It was almost balmy on the beach. You can see the coastguard cottages on Dunwich Heath.

I wonder how this view will change ...

We saw several Shovelers on the scrape

Not all the ducks were so alert ...

... and neither were the Lapwing.

It was a joy to watch this elegant Pintail ...

... and to see this pair of Shovelers.

The light kept catching our eye ...

... and the clouds at sunset.

By the time the rain began, we were heading for home.



Ragged Robin said...

Lovely photos and the Kittiwake "hotel" is a super idea.
The bird looks like a diver to me - but as to species I am not sure. I've only seen about 3 species in my life so I am not that familiar with them.

Caroline Gill said...

I think there are only three species that we are likely to see ... so, RR, this reduces the possibilities somewhat!