Thursday 11 June 2020

Day 11 #30DaysWild: Puffin Poems posted over at 'The Glow of Emerald Light'

My 'Puffin' Photo Challenge yielded a bumper crop of 5-line poems. I have posted ten on The Glow of Emerald Light, my lockdown blog, and you can read and enjoy them here. Do leave the poets a comment if you would like to do so.

The poems are by the following...

Kieron P. Baird (Scotland, UK)
Michaela Burns (Scotland, UK)
Peter Donnelly (England, UK)
Jeffrey Kemp
Neil Leadbeater (Scotland, UK)
Liz Sankey (England, UK)
Marion Walker (England, UK)
Kay D. Weeks (USA)   
Juliet Wilson (UK)
Lynn Woollacott (England, UK)

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