Friday, 26 June 2020

#30DaysWild Day 26: Colourful Wasps

With the exception of the top right image, these photographs were all taken in Suffolk

Before we moved to Suffolk eight or so years ago a wasp to me was pretty much a wasp, an insect to be avoided at all costs if at all possible. I still fight shy of what is sometimes referred to as the Common Wasp, having ended up in A&E the last time I was stung.

However, I have discovered that a wasp is not a wasp is not a wasp. These insects come in many shapes, sizes and colours; and in terms of showiness, my favourite is undoubtedly the Ruby-tailed wasp which we sometimes see in our garden. It has cuckoo wasp traits, but I love the brightness of its iridescence, which is seen as shiny reds, greens and blues.

I decided to make a collage of some of my more colourful or unusual wasp photos for Day 26 of #30DaysWild. I wonder what picture comes to mind when you hear the 'wasp' word...

A wonderful site to visit... here.


Simon Douglas Thompson said...

I've never seen a ruby tailed wasp, which I find upsetting!

Mike Perry said...

I certainly learn from your blog, fascinating about wasps. I only think of a wasp as being the one who invites himself to any picnic we might be having in the summer.