Saturday 10 July 2010

Seals, Sharks and Cetaceans (1): Bottlenose Dolphins at Loch Carron

My thanks to David Gill
for this great photo
of a bow-riding Bottlenose Dolphin in Loch Carron.

I love the blow-hole!

The photos below were taken by me
(with one arm in a sling!)

Our dolphin expedition began here at Plockton,
not far from Kyle and the Skye Bridge.

As we moved up the loch, two dolphins joined us,
bow-riding our vessel.

It would be fascinating to know why
the dolphins
chose to join us,
and seemed to be enjoying our company.

A truly memorable encounter!

My thanks to Calum and his crew on the 'Sula Mhor',
who steered the vessel with such care.

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