Wednesday 21 July 2010

Beautiful Birds (4): One of those Gulls again!

We were on our way south from Skye,
and about to go dolphin-spotting
at Chanonry Point on the Moray Firth
(of which more in a future post),
when I noticed this gull.

I had seen several others earlier
in the Kingussie area
some days before,
and was keen to learn what it was.

It is, of course, the Black-headed Gull
(Larus ridibundus)

in its brown summer plumage.

The oldest recorded age for one of these gulls,
according to the RSPB,
is 32 years.

1 comment:

Naquillity said...

what a gorgeous gull in all its brown summer plumage. love that second photo. Skye is such a beautiful place. i can see why you enjoy walking around the area. hope all is well.