Tuesday 20 July 2010

Beautiful Birds (3): Herring Gull?

Juvenile Herring Gull
[I think]
on Skye

It occurred to me that we are all familiar with this fellow...
but are we?

I know a seagull when I see one
(and there are many in Swansea where I live).
I also know that there are many different gulls.

What I am just beginning to realise, however,
is that a juvenile passes through a number of phases
on its path to adulthood.

Do take a look at Jeff Poklen's amazing gallery
of the Herring Gull in its 1st to 3rd cycles.
You will also find photos of these birds
emerging as 'basic adults'.

I wonder if any reader can match my juvenile
with a particular photo in Jeff's gallery,
showing its stage of development.
Please let me know if you can!

I was amazed to find that the RSPB site
lists the Herring Gull in the RED Conservation Category.
You can read what this means here.

We sometimes take creatures for granted:
I suggest this may be particularly true in the case
of our friend, the noisy, scavenging Herring Gull.


Naquillity said...

sad to hear the herring gull is in the red. lately it seems lots of species are struggling. your photo is great, btw. hope you're doing well.

Adam Tilt said...

I can't believe that they are on the red list! That's shocking news. I personally think they are a very impressive and attractive species despite the bad press they often get.