Tuesday 10 August 2010

Damselflies (2): Emerald Green Mystery

Green seemed to be the colour for Damselflies at WWT Llanelli the weekend. A kind photographer pointed out the one below [1], and we soon spotted the rather pale and muted green form of specimen [2].

1] Emerald Damselfly

Can you spot the camouflaged creature
in David's photograph above?
I think it may be the Emerald Damselfly, Lestes sponsa.

I am wondering if [1] is a female, since male Emeralds have blue eyes.

I note that Welsh.lensman had spotted this species in the same location:
his link will take you to the Wild about Britain forum.

Above: Detail of abdominal markings

Above: details of head and thorax ...
and 'hairy legs'!

Above: close-up of the whole

2] Green Damselfly

Above: it was almost like a Lacewing in that the wings
were pale and delicate.

I have not been able to identify this Damselfly to date.
Any clues would be appreciated!

Above: head

Above: tip of abdomen

Above: details of wing

Perhaps this could be the female of the Emerald species above?
It seems that Emerald Damselflies usually perch
with their clear unpigmented wings half-open,
so I have my doubts.

Having said that, this link leads to an image
of an example with closed wings.

It is possible that [2] is a female White-Legged Damselfly:
what do you think?
There is an enlarged view here.

Unfortunately my photograph does not show
the Pterostigmata on the wings,
which should be light brown.

It does not seem a very likely identification
if you look at the distribution map.

Who can solve the mystery?


Crafty Green Poet said...

they are both very beautiful insects, Caroline, specially in close up. I can't help with id though, I'm not very knowledgeable about damsels and dragons unortunately

Anonymous said...

It is lovely to meet you; thanks for your visit today! These are incredible pictures. I am no help at identifying but they are magnificent to see.

Anonymous said...

I came back to give you the blog address of my friend Kanak in India. She loves damselflies etc. and has some wonderful photos also.

Mistlethrush said...

Some excellent ID images here Caroline. Love them.