Saturday 12 September 2015

Lizards, Butterflies and Dragonflies at NT Wicken Fen

After a rather grey summer, it was particularly good to have spells of warm sunshine at NT Wicken Fen this afternoon. I have seen very few Small Tortoiseshell butterflies this season, so was delighted to see a couple. 

Small Tortoiseshell

Bee flitting among the Nasturtiums

David on the electric boat, scanning for Kingfishers on Reach Lode (for 'lode' see here)

A Common Lizard - does this one look gravid? Possibly rather late in the season, but I think she does!

Red-legged Shieldbug Pentatoma rufipes

Wicken Fen, reedbeds and windpump

2-spot Ladybird in the Teasel

Another Common Lizard

Roesel's Bush Cricket (see cream crescent on shoulder)

Three Common Lizards

Definitely a Darter dragonfly ... but which?

A Comma butterfly - just the one

Fen Cottage has been open for 25 years this September ... celebrations are in hand

Looking up Wicken Lode from Upware towards Wicken Fen

Nearby Ely is named after the eels
A lovely day out ... not forgetting a pot of National Trust tea and a slice of coffee cake!


Wilma said...

Great sightings and images, Caroline! The essence of a beautiful late summer day.

eileeninmd said...

Looks like a wonderful outing. I love all the lizards, I rarely see them around here. Pretty images and a great post. Have a happy day and new week ahead!

Crafty Green Poet said...

lovely sightings from a late summer trip! Wonderful to see the lizards!

Ragged Robin said...

Great sightings and photos - really liked the picture of Wicken Fen with the windmill at the end of the path :) I've not seen many Small Tortoiseshells this year either :(