Tuesday, 8 June 2021

#30DaysWild, Day 8, Wild or Not-So-Wild Flowers in the Garden


For the last ten years I have wondered what this small plant might be. I have made a quick search every so often but have failed to trace the species. I don't think I am entirely there now, but I feel I am heading in the right direction for this evening I finally discovered that it is a variety of Oxalis, a plant related to Wood Sorrel. As soon as I saw the word, something felt right. 

The plant in the photo above, with its distinctive five-petalled flowers and burgundy, almost shamrock-shaped leaves, grows outside our patio door between paving slabs. I have no idea how it came to take root in this spot, but it is always a joy to see. 

I am not entirely sure that it qualifies for a #30DaysWild post as it seems it can be bought in garden centres, but since I have found it described as 'weedy ground-cover', I think it can just squeak into my garden wildflower list ...

1. Daisy (20  February)

2. Violet (18 March)

3. Chickweed (19 March)

4. Dandelion (19 March)

5. Herb Robert (9 April)

6. Red Valerian (29 March)

7. Goosegrass (with tiny white flowers) (21 May)

8. Buttercup (21 May)

9. Red Dead Nettle (21 May)

10. Common Storksbill (24 May)

11. Red Clover (25 May)

12. Oxalis (8 June)

13. Cut-leaved Cranesbill (8 June)

14. Cat's Ear (8 June)

15. Ox-eye Daisy (8 June)

16. Meadow Salsify (16 June)

17. Smooth Sow-thistle (16 June)




 I wonder what will emerge next ...

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