Monday, 9 January 2017

Wonderful Waxwings

All photos displayed in this post were taken on 8 Jan 2016

We have been following reports on the flight-paths of Waxwings in our local area for some days in the hope that we would eventually be in the same neck of the woods at the same time as one of these groups. As you can see, we were finally rewarded.

I have only ever seen Waxwings once before, and that was also in Suffolk at exactly the same time of the afternoon (if a month later) just as the last of the gloomy winter light was fading. We had been scouring the area for trees with berries, but I expect these had already been stripped bare. The Waxwings we saw were high up (and at some distance) in a leafless, berry-less tree. There were also a few Starlings.

One of these days perhaps we will be able to view the exquisite Waxwing in decent light! My photos are little more than record shots, but they are a happy reminder of a dreary afternoon in early January. I had so hoped to catch more of the distinctive flash of red - but I guess there is always next time.

And meanwhile, if you would like to see Waxwing photos taken by others, you could do worse than the Google Image display here.


Simon Douglas Thompson said...

Alas I've not seen one in my life yet, despite keeping an eye on all the berry trees!

Lowcarb team member said...

I am so pleased you were finally rewarded, and shared the photo's here

All the best Jan

Ragged Robin said...

Well done on seeing the Waxwings even it it was gloomy! Such a special bird and such a magic moment when you strike lucky and see some. Been keeping a check here on all the local berry trees and checking reported sightings but not that many in Warwickshire yet.

Amanda Peters said...

It's such a good tick when you get to see Waxwings, lovely bird...
Amanda xx