Wednesday 25 January 2017

Gold(finches) for a Grey Day

All these photos were taken in poor conditions through double glazing - sorry!

 What a grey day. 

The car thermometer registered two degrees, but it felt more like zero in the damp air and relatively thick fog. It has been a good day for bird sightings. Thus far I have spotted the following...
  • a charm of 19+ Goldfinches on the Silver Birch, presumably feeding off its winged seeds.
  • One Starling on the coconut fat-feeder
  • Several Blue tits
  • At least two female Blackbirds, and a male on the coconut fat-feeder
  • A Wren among the dead stems near the window
  • A couple of Great tits on the feeder
  • At least a couple of Long-tailed tits on the feeder
  • At least five Wood Pigeons
  • A Robin
  • A Magpie on the next roof

I wonder why we see so few Chaffinches here. As I was tidying up this post a flock of about 20 Crows flew past, presumably in advance of the evening's roost.

I am hoping that some of these species will stay to be counted in the forthcoming RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch this weekend.

Incidentally, a few Waxwings apparently made a brief appearance less than a mile up the road earlier this morning...


L. D. said...

It is a beautiful finch. It certainly does not look like our goldfinch.

Andrea said...

You still have grey days until now? It's been too long. But of course you live with it year-in and year-out so that is already ordinary. Anyway, colorful lives are still roaming around, so that makes the grey environment still warm.

Kay Weeks said...

How totally sweet and glorious. Thank you so much for changing the energy of this day, and re-directing it to the trees and sky.