Wednesday 6 April 2016

Ruff with white markings, NWT Cley Marshes

We were just heading back from Arnold's Marsh on Salthouse Broad to the Cley visitors' centre when we noticed a couple watching this bird. I had no idea what it was but the man thought it was a Ruff. 

I did some internet research and it seems that this is indeed a Ruff, although its strange white-headed appearance can evidently cause confusion!  

Update: do read Stewart's informative comment below. Thank you, Stewart.


L. D. said...

I could comment on every photo as they are all so great. The sheep with two lambs is sweet. Windmills are always a fascination. All of the photos were so great to see.

Stewart said...

Hi Caroline, white Ruff males are known as satellites. They are the ones in a lek ( displaying group of males) that stand out and attract females flying over. They are less dominant at breeding than the dark 'ruffed' Ruffs but serve a special purpose regardless.

Nice post, Stewart

Simon Douglas Thompson said...

That ruff is a star bird. Looks so unusual and striking

Caroline Gill said...

Thank you all so much for your comments. Fascinating to learn about the Ruff ... I only know about lekking from BBC Springwatch and had no idea that Ruffs had these displays.