Thursday 3 March 2016

My First (active) Ladybirds of 2016

Whoops: looks as though a little decorating would be in order!

I had begun to wonder when I would find my first Ladybird of 2016 so was particularly pleased to discover two on the door frame of my house. I had noticed one of them (unless it was a third) just below on a bush as I left for an afternoon appointment. On my return I got my camera and at first it seemed as though the Ladybird had gone ... but then I noticed not one, but two.

As before, I shall log them on the UK Ladybird Survey. They are both native 7-spots. I hope the weather will not turn too cold overnight as there are some chilly conditions forecast for some areas.

I have been looking through my Ladybird photos for unusual ones. I plan to post (or re-post) some of these in due course. Some of these insects are very colourful as you can see from the cover of this book about Ladybirds. I treated myself to a copy last year.  


Crafty Green Poet said...

Lovely to see them out and about again! So far this year my only ladybirds have been the hundreds of hibernating orange ladybirds, which are amazing to see

Amanda Peters said...

I have managed to see the odd Ladybird throughout winter, but they have been tucked up tight in a old flower head or grass. Due to have more snow this weekend so hope they stay hid away.
Amanda xx.

Anonymous said...

Lovely to see Ladybirds - we get very few here so I get rather excited when I see one. I do try to cultivate a patch of nettles in hope.