Saturday, 9 May 2015

Lifer ~ Stone Curlew at Weeting Heath

We spent part of the Bank Holiday at Weeting Heath, one of the Norfolk Wildlife Trust's flagship reserves on account of its population of Stone Curlew.

My photos are barely record shots, but at least we saw a Stone Curlew in this distance. If you click on this link, you may begin to realise how camouflaged they can be when lying low

In fact we saw two, but the other kept popping its head below its dusty parapet as I positioned my camera!

It's always a thrill to see a bird for the first time, particularly a species that you have failed to see on a previous occasion. Perhaps next time the photos will be better!

  • RSPB Stone Curlew news
  • Tip: the hides are pretty close to the car park. 
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Simon Douglas Thompson said...

I always find the name "curlew" rather odd for this bird, which I've never seen, of course, when it has virtually no resemblance physically to a curlew at all. Unless it has a similar call.

Caroline Gill said...

And yes, its call is indeed the reason for its name.

Jennifer Tetlow said...

What an exciting time, I'm rather envious - lovely to see your images

Crafty Green Poet said...

Lovely to see, it's a bird I've never seen yet. I love their large yellow eyes

Ragged Robin said...

Congratulations - you must be over the moon to see this lovely species. I've never seen one so feeling a tad green! :)

Amanda Peters said...

It's great you managed to see one, even if you are not quite happy with the photo.
Amanda xx