Wednesday 4 July 2012

Ladybird Alert (12): Pupa of Harlequin

I found this Ladybird pupa in our garden today on a wooden post, just above a spider's web. The pupal stage follows the 4-part larval one and is the final stage of metamorphosis before the creature will emerge as a pale-coloured adult in a few day's time. Its pigments will darken with time.

I suspect this fringe of black and white bristles indicates a Harlequin.
As usual, I have sent this record to the UK Ladybird Survey. My tentative identification has been confirmed. I have yet to find a larva, but you can see my Ladybird egg photos here (these have already been sent in to the survey).


Randy Emmitt said...

Great find, one nature subject I know very little about, thanks..

Naquillity said...

at least the ladybug & hoverfly (post below) aren't swayed by these HOT temps. i went to our local nature preserve and was taken back at how much the pond had receded. these high temperatures have really taken a toll on things. hope you're staying cool. have a great night~