Tuesday 3 July 2012

Home Patch (23): Sparrowhawk again

The Sparrowhawk was back on the garden fence today. I was inside behind glass (again), so had to take these through the patio door, which was dotted with rain! I haven't seen the bird since 9 May, but I suspect it is the same one. 


Naquillity said...

what a beautiful bird. i would have taken the picture through the glass window with the rain speckles too. that's an awesome capture.

and the speckled wood below has beautiful markings. that too was a great find. lucky it came to rest by your feet. you gotta love those shots, :) have a great day~

J said...

You're lucky to have these in your garden, Caroline. I've never managed any decent Sparrowhawk shots, so would be pleased with these!