Monday, 23 April 2012

Rainbows and Reflections (1): April Showers

We saw this beautiful rainbow yesterday in between the showers.

I wonder if you can make out the colours in this order:

red orange yellow green blue indigo violet

I reckon I can see these, but then I also sense a couple more colours underneath, so perhaps this was more than one rainbow! A rainbow is formed by the two processes of reflection and refraction. Sunlight and water droplets are needed: you can read about the process here

We live on the edge of 'Constable country' ... and I love the artist's painting of a double rainbow, which you can see here. You can read more about Constable here - and about the Stour Valley 'Managing a Masterpiece' project.

Flatford Mill, UK

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L. D. said...

The mill scene is wonderful looking across the water. Rainbows are great to see after the rain.