Thursday, 19 April 2012

Eye-catching Insects (9): Hoverfly

I have very little knowledge about Hoverflies, but having caught a few on camera, I thought I would post a photo of my latest 'catch'. I know Stuart of Donegal Wildlife knows a fair bit about these insects, so you may like to take a look at his blog.

The insect above was enjoying the euonymus in my garden two days ago, before the chilly weather set in. I thought it might be a member of the species Epistrophe grossulariae, which is prevalent in Britain, but I am guessing that it is too early for this species. In my previous post, I looked at the Bee-fly, which mimics a bee for the purpose of keeping predators at bay, for fear of being stung. [Aside: do insects experience 'fear', I wonder?]. A similar mimicry thing is going on here with the wasp-like stripes of the Hoverfly.  

The Buglife website is full of 'Hoverfly Superfacts' here.  

I have added in these two previous photographs to demonstate the range of preferred flora and the diversity of habitat frequented by the Hoverfly. The insect above was in a dappled stream in Wales and the one below was enjoying a sunny garden.

An incredible 68 species of Hoverfly have been recorded for my postcode! Why not tap in your location to find out more ... this may only be for the UK. I shall certainly be keeping my eyes open. There are more Hoverflies over at Pencil and Leaf.  


L. D. said...

Great shot and I am learning a lot about your insects.

Marijke said...

It is beautiful to see the insect's so close and so sharp photographed.
have a nice weekend

Crafty Green Poet said...

lovely photos, that's a lot of hoverfly species! I wish i knew more about insects!

holdingmoments said...

I love that last capture Caroline.

Interesting link for the Hoverflies.
It tells me a total of 58 species. Amazing.