Sunday 19 February 2012

Beautiful Birds (37): Shingle Street, Suffolk

We took a walk along Shingle Street in the Suffolk sunshine ...
... keeping an eye out for Guillemots, but the only possible auk was the bird beneath my question mark. ID, please?
A flight of Cormorants or a skein of geese?
Definitely a flight of Cormorants, with white patches of breeding plumage.
We noticed the occasional shell, like this Slipper Limpet (see here, too, for one I saw earlier)
As we drove away we spotted a field of Lapwing (and a single Red-legged Partridge).
My thanks to David (Gill) for getting out of the car to photograph the Lapwing for me. You can read his post here on the Orwell View blog. The partridge scuttled into the undergrowth, but you can read about the species here.


eileeninmd said...

A nice birding outing and a chance of seeing an pelagic bird is always exciting. Love the Lapwing, they a cool looking birds.

J said...

Hi Caroline,
The bird is probably a juvenile Cormorant with its neck hunched up a bit, although I could be wrong! Like your first shot with the inclusion of the shadows.

Mary said...

Love seeing your birds since they are always strange to me :-) Isn't it great to have a helpful husband when you are birding? I couldn't access that link you put in my comment. Maybe because my comments are popup style. Blogger is being weird today. Everyone who has word verification is showing 2 hard to copy and read words. Awful. If you want to send the link to my email: Feel free to email me any time!