Monday 28 February 2011

Bird Count (1): January-February 2011

Birds I have seen during January and February in South Wales
I wonder what species you have noted so far this year in your neck of the woods? I have also seen the following: -

1) Grey Squirrel
2) Rabbit
3) Fox

1) Common Toad

1) Bumble Bee
2) Hover Fly
3) Ladybird (fluttered past without stopping)

1) Snails

I have yet to see my first Butterfly of 2011. I recall spotting my first one year on 14 February in the snow!

Postscript: you might enjoy this post about what birds can do in Israel ~ thanks, April!


Glo said...

Wordle is fun to show off lists, and an eye catching way to show your finds, which are many! No sign of butterflies here, either ~ it's too cold and snowy!

Crafty Green Poet said...

I had seen 41 species of birds so far this year a couple of days ago but i have a few more to add. I've also seen a small tortoiseshell and a sadly dead bee.

Unknown said...

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