Tuesday 25 January 2011

The Tree Year (1): Introducing the Larch

WELCOME | CROESO ... to my chosen tree
I have had a tree in mind for a few days, and had the chance to 'visit' it last weekend when we were out and about in Carmarthenshire in South Wales, UK. I have visited this tree many times, but have never studied it in any sense before. Allow me to introduce the LARCH. The pictures below show the trunk and the ivy that is growing up the tree.

This LARCH probably has tales to tell, and has sustained a few injuries over the years. However, although it looks fairly dead at the moment, Spring usually comes early to South Wales, so I am hoping that there will be signs of new life before long. The tree inhabits a fine landscape of oxbow lakes and castles (Dryslwyn, Dinefwr and Carreg Cennen). The river runs close by, and the wildlife is plentiful. The tree often has feeders hanging from it, and we have seen the following birds in the vicinity . . . so far:


Table for two at the bird feeder!

Last year's cones

* * *

If you would like to join in with 'The Tree Year' project, please feel free to click on the orange tree badge in the column on the right of this page. I have another tree in mind, too, but meanwhile I look forward to finding out about some of the other 'chosen trees'.


Naquillity said...

looks like a wonderful tree which attracts many different birds. good for your Big Garden Bird Watch, :)

hope all is well.

Kay Weeks said...

So beautiful, Caroline!

Kay Weeks
Ellicott City, MD

Nature Rambles said...

Really nice to see the picture of a tree I'd only heard about. Beautiful birds and the rest of the wildlife must be interesting!

Mary said...

Your creeper photo looks better than mine! I would say that our creepers look very much alike, but I've never managed to get a good photo of mine. I like the tree idea. Will have to think about it. I have several wonderful trees in my yard I could use. Looking forward to your Larch posts.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for joining. A larch will be very interesting to watch - looking forward to your stories!

Katie (Nature ID) said...

A deciduous conifer? Interesting choice for your tree.