Monday 24 January 2011

Canidae (1): Ice Victim

P.S. The fox when we first saw him - added in response to Jeremy's comment. Thanks, Jeremy!
 * * *

We were out and about this last weekend. There was still a fair amount of ice around.

Suddenly we spotted a fox on the lake in broad daylight at about 2.15pm.

It had been trying to reach some Coots across the ice when it fell in.

It was quite a way away from us . . .

. . . but with the help of my zoom lens, I just managed to catch it on camera. What a fine white tip to its muzzle.

I love a happy ending, but I guess there are times when nature has to take its course. The only consolation is that at least the Coot colony survived intact on this occasion.


Adam Tilt said...

Wow. I think that probably counts as one of those once in a lifetime finds.

Crafty Green Poet said...

poor fox! that must have been a slow and painful death for it

J said...

I thought you'd captured a Fox swimming for a minute. Poor fox, indeed. Pity there wasn't a handy lifebelt you could throw in for it!

Nature Rambles said...

..and in that cold too! Glad you could document this one!

Caroline Gill said...

I would have loved a lifeline . . . but none to hand, and as you can see, we were quite a distance away. I just captured the scene at the extremity of my zoom.