Monday 17 January 2022

NT Sutton Hoo ... or ... If You Go Down To The Woods

Well, it may not have been a teddy bears' picnic, but it was a joy to experience an unexpected encounter with a pair of Muntjac deer as we walked away from the picnic site overlooking the river Deben. The photos were taken with my zoom lens as we had no wish to cause alarm. One of the deer watched us closely, but neither seemed perturbed by our presence.

There were very few small birds about in the wood. We saw crows, gulls and pigeons overhead. I wonder who will gorge on these remaining berries. 

We were looking out over the estuary towards Woodbridge when a Kestrel landed on a bare branch and perched there surveying the scene for a few seconds. 

The Kestrel flying off

Preparing for take-off

Showing its beady eye

Were we friend or foe?

Woodbridge on the far shore

Our sunlit path

Wolf in the woods (for 'wolf' see here ... and for Sutton Hoo wolf purse lid see here)


Wilma said...

So much to see! You got some really good shots of the muntjacs and the kestrel.

Crafty Green Poet said...

Lovely photos, Caroline and lovely to see the muntjacs!

Gardens at Waters East said...

So nice to see the photos of the deer and views. It must be a very lovely place to be. Thanks for sharing.

Ragged Robin said...

It looks such a lovely walk. Great photos and I love the wolf in the last one. My son and I would love to go to Sutton Hoo.

Take care and stay safe :)

Coastal Ripples said...

Oh fabulous photos of the falcon. Looks like a wonderful walk with deer too and glorious weather. B x

Lowcarb team member said...

Lovely to see all of your photographs, especially the deer.

All the best Jan