Monday 10 May 2021

Nomad Bee (?) on Dandelion

We have various insects landing on the Dandelions at the moment. This seems to be a new one for my garden list. I am not exactly sure what kind of ?bee it is, but judging by a thread on the Suffolk Wildlife Facebook group, it seems to be a Nomad bee, perhaps akin to Nomada goodeniana, though I fear the antennae are not sufficiently orange in hue for this particular variety. Those two yellow spots made me stop and take a second look. I shall post the photo on iSpot.  



P.S. Thanks to the kind (and knowledgeable) folk on iSpot, it seems this is a Nomada/Nomad bee, possibly a female marshamella.


Ragged Robin said...

Hope you find out what the bee is - there are so many tiny little creatures on flowers that are so hard to id!! I have many books but even so some are impossible!

Caroline Gill said...

Thank you so much for your comment, RR. I agree with you that despite our books, ID cards, apps and online sites, sometimes only a specialist or particular enthusiast can assist! Certainly a new species here.

Lowcarb team member said...

Pleased you could identify this bee.

All the best Jan