Saturday 4 April 2020

First 2020 Comma in the Garden

We were having a mug of coffee this morning when we looked out and noticed the flutter of wings. On closer inspection it was the first Comma we have seen in our garden this year, and its arrival was the cause of much excitement! Most of our bushes and shrubs are green, but I'm guessing there is something in the butterfly's DNA that led it to these golden leaves where it could absorb the sun, safely in camouflage.  

Showing the comma mark

I am logging the sighting on the Garden Butterfly Survey.

We prepared some soil and planted the little packet of wildflower seed that came as a gift from our local branch of Butterfly Conservation. I do hope the seedlings survive our slugs as it would be lovely to entice more butterflies into the garden. Watch this space!


Conehead54 said...

Lovely! Haven't had one in the garden yet this year but have seen a small number locally- they seem to love the Blackthorn blossom. As I write this there's been a female Brimstone in my small front garden nectaring at some yellow Wallflowers I decided to leave in from last year. First female I've seen this year though have seen a small number of males on local walks.

Otherwise have only had Peacock & Small White in the garden so far. Frustrating not being able to go farther afield but at least we're both lucky to have gardens in these awful times.

Ragged Robin said...

Gorgeous :) Hope the seeds do well - look forward to hearing more about them :)

Caroline Gill said...

Yes indeed, Conehead54, we are lucky to have our gardens... I am so looking forward to my first Brimstones of the year, but we don't often get them here. I hope the usual Holly Blues will put in an appearance soon. Will keep you posted on the seeds, RR! But I'm not very green-fingered with seeds!

Simon Douglas Thompson said...

I've seen brimstone, small tort and peacock sofar. None of these orange beauties!

Crafty Green Poet said...

We've seen one comma this year so far and several small tortoiseshells and peacocks, all in one of the cemeteries we walk through for our Daily Exercise. The other cemetery so far has no butterflies, though lots of birds.