Saturday 4 June 2016

Framlingham Mere, Suffolk Wildlife Trust

We joined the Suffolk Wildlife Trust some months ago and recieved a glossy book of the reserves in their care. One photograph showed Framlingham Mere, so we set off to explore.

After days of bitterly cold, windy, and at times very wet weather, it was a joy to feel some heat and to see the sun lighting up a meadow full of buttercups and shining its rays through the petals of wild poppies.

The reserve with SWT mere in foreground and English Heritage castle behind

The first songster was a Chaffinch

The trail was well-marked with these signs

It was lovely to see an English meadow with buttercups

castle - and church in the village

Quintessential summer scene ...

... and another

The willows were alive with the sound ... of warbling

I think these may be Leaf Beetles and their eggs ...

Galerucella sagittariae

Perhaps a Snipe Fly, but not sure ... (one for iSpot?)

A rather bedraggled Peacock butterfly

Just one duckling (left?) ...

... but so cute!
The duckling led the way and the female Mallard followed

Lovely to see Damselflies

Blue, beautiful blue ...

Mating time for Damselflies

A blue butterfly perched in the mud ...

I think it was a Holly Blue.

We reached the impressive walls of Framlingham Castle in which, according to the plaque ...

Given these royal connections, it is not surprising perhaps to see that a new book of poetry and prose from Framlingham is being launched for the Queen's 90th Birthday.  

I am attempting to collect data for the Garden Bioblitz (as advertised on BBC Springwatch), which is why my captions in this post are rather brief. There is still just time (as of 22.15 on 4 June 2016, UK) for you to join in the Bioblitz, too! 


Naquillity said...

what a beautiful area to explore. that duckling was simply adorable and the peacock butterfly had seen better days, i'm sure. hope all is well. have a great night~

Ragged Robin said...

A wonderful post - what a superb place for a walk with so many wildlife sightings :) It is hard to beat the sight of a meadow full of buttercups at this time of the year!

Did the garden bioblitz here too - I have a lot of photos to put on i-spot later today! Hope you saw lots.

Caroline Gill said...

Yes, thank you, RR - my bioblitz post is coming tomorrow. Not as plentiful but quite a variety of species all the same.

Crafty Green Poet said...

It looks like a lovely place!

Mark said...

love your Kind regards, Mark.