Friday, 21 August 2015

Nasturtiums at Last!

I plant very few seeds. This year I planted Nasturtiums and Californian Poppies. The latter have done surprisingly well, but I have hardly seen a Nasturtium in flower until now. 

I suspect this is the reason! My plants are being devoured at a rapid rate by hungry caterpillars.

It would be interesting to know whether the leaf veins are intended to draw the larvae towards the centre of the plant.

The good news is that while I doubt there will be (m)any Nasturtium flowers left, at least there should be a very healthy brood of Large White Butterflies


Crafty Green Poet said...

I love seeing white butterflies flying round in large numbers, but a shame that you don't get to enjoy the nasturtiums as much as you otherwise would

Ragged Robin said...

Great post Caroline which I found really interesting as my nasturtiums grown from seed have failed to flower so far this year :( They are covered in black fly so I suspect they never will :( Such a shame as bees and butterflies love the flowers.

Have been trying to id the moth in your last post - finding it a bit difficult as I am not sure how big the moth is - could it be Straw Underwing?

Simon Douglas Thompson said...

I remember as a child having a garden full of nasturtiums, that got devastated in hours, it seemed, by the dreaded "cabbage whites"

Amanda Peters said...

My Nasturtiums have not done as well this year, which is a shame as the bees do like them.
Amanda xx