Friday, 3 January 2014

Beside the Sea ~ Roman Oysters at Felixstowe?

We took a walk along the front at Felixstowe some days ago during a lull in the weather. It is strange to think that a Roman fortification called Walton Castle, probably a part of the defences of the 'Saxon Shore', used to be about here.  

The Romans were fond of oysters, and these piled up in midden mounds.

We spotted a couple of mermaids' purse egg cases (probably from Skate, Dogfish or Ray) along the strandline. 

The Roman invasions are over, but fishing continues on this coast ...

... and there are still plenty of oyster shells to be seen.

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Andrea said...

Hello Caroline, Happy New Year! I commented here instead of the new post on birds because these seem to be more common with me. Oysters here are found in some places too, and i love having a few too! I didn't know that about the Romans, it's good they weren't here except for the Spaniards remnants in the forms of priests, who conquered us for 3 centuries!