Thursday, 7 February 2013

Beautiful Birds: Goldfinch and Collared Doves

I am running behind with my bird list for January, but I hope to post it tomorrow! I have paid more attention to species than to numbers thus far, with the exception of the Great Garden Birdwatch survey. We never saw Goldfinches in our last garden, so it is a particular thrill to watch these brightly coloured birds swooping down in their flocks to alight on the bare branches of our trees.

All these photos were taken through glass; the one above from my study at home and the ones below from the car in the car park of the local Community Library.

The Collared Doves (all four of them) were the first ones I have seen this year. You can just about make out their beady deep red eyes. These birds have only been in the UK since the 1950s.   

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Crafty Green Poet said...

collared doves are so sweet! And goldfinches are one of my favourites!