Thursday 5 May 2011

Bird Count (3): April 2011 ... plus 'Best of the Rest'

APRIL: bird species spotted in April for the first time this year (2011) 

All these birds, with the exception of the Pied flycatcher were seen in Yorkshire, either on the North York Moors or on the East Coast. 

Nesting Gannets at RSPB Bempton Cliffs, April 2011

There were so many birds in e.g. the Gannet colonies at Bempton Cliffs, that I decided to focus this month on the number of new species seen rather than on the numbers spotted of a particular bird. Maths is definitely not my strong point!

BEST OF THE REST, APRIL 2011 ... plus a solitary seal!
'Stoat' is a bit of a cheat: David saw the stoat. I was the one who nearly fell down the stoat hole!
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L. D. said...

The Gannets are beautiful. It is a wonderful photo and wonderful word creations.