Friday 5 May 2023

Amphibian Joy


We had both had our suspicions that a frog was living in our mini-pond. I thought I saw small dark head in the middle of the (rather overgrown) oxygenating pondweed last Saturday and David saw something 'flip' the following day. 

We had a colossal thunderstorm with downpour this morning after a long-awaited hour or so of relatively warm sunshine. We took a quick look around the garden this afternoon, just ten minutes ago, and lo and behold, there was the frog! We are so thrilled and excited, the more so since I have been on the look-out for frogspawn for weeks, and have failed to see the slightest sign. 

Two days ago we had three Starlings splashing in our adjoining mini-pond and making quite a to-do. It's lovely to have them but I hope the frog can cope with their capers. 

Watch this space ... and do consider adding a mini-pond if you have an empty corner.


Postscript: the Fairy Longhorn moths are back ... Imagine having those antennae!




Crafty Green Poet said...

It's lovely that you have a frog in your pond! Crafty Green Boyfriend's Mum has two ponds and several frogs! I love the longhorn moths, hopefully I'll see some on our local cemetery in the next week or so.

Ragged Robin said...

Great news about the frog. Wildlife ponds whatever the size are always such a magnet for wildlife. For the second year on the trot we have had no frogspawn. We have dozens of Common Newts and are surmising that over the years they have ate all the frog tadpoles and there are now no frogs to replace the old ones!