Saturday 15 April 2023

A Sunny Afternoon

The weather forecast indicated that the Felixstowe area might be in for a sunny afternoon, so we headed off to Landguard to see what was about on the beach and in the adjoining nature reserve. We were delighted to see Wheatears on the clipped turf; David counted eight at one point. 

There were a few rabbits, grazing away in the spring warmth. We encountered the remains of an Easter Bunny trail (see 'Daffodil' below) in the nature reserve, with rabbit information boards for those taking part in the hunt. 

We came home and put up the garden table for the first time this year, and sat among the tulips, sipping our mugs of tea and listening to the sound of birdsong. 



Ragged Robin said...

The weather has been a bit kinder recently :) It must have been lovely to see the Wheatears - I've only ever seen them in the Lake District never on passage. Great photo of the rock pool.

Gardens at Waters East said...

Lots of rabbits here! I had to fence off part of the patio to keep them away from some Spring plants. Nice bunnies, but they eat everything. Not nice.

Crafty Green Poet said...

Lovely photos, Caroline! I don't see many Wheatears at all.