Saturday 31 October 2020



I think the Sparrowhawk is probably a bit like a certain savoury spread in the sense that it is either a bird you like to have around or one whose presence makes you shudder. I certainly veer towards the latter camp, while realising that all birds need to feed if they are to survive and reproduce. 

We have Sparrowhawks in the garden from time to time, and this majestic creature appeared a week ago. My photo (through double-glazing) leaves a lot to be desired, but that piercing yellow eye seems to say it all. There are, of course, no vulnerable fledglings out and about at present; but a Sparrowhawk has to feed all year round, and I shudder for the small birds who visit our coconuts. 


Crafty Green Poet said...

Excellent close view Caroline! I feel sorry for the small birds, but the sparrowhawk is a magnificent creature. We've enjoyed close views of the pair that nested in one of our local cemeteries this year

Lowcarb team member said...

Many thanks for sharing this photograph.

All the best Jan