Monday 4 March 2013

Seasonal First: Hare Sighting

I can testify to the fact that our Mad March Hares are out and about. We were driving home through the Suffolk countryside in the Sudbury area when we alighted on a couple of hares. By the time we had found somewhere safe to park, I was only able to take a quick couple of record snaps. This is the better of the two!

We have only seen hares once before since our arrival in East Anglia, and that was last year at WWT Welney in the Fens. However, I hope to see many more sightings of these iconic creatures, with their black-tipped ears and strong hind legs. Unlike rabbits, hares do not have burrows. They live above ground.

We saw some beautiful rabbits recently (like the one below), and, although you cannot tell from these photos, the rabbits seem very small in comparison with their larger Leporidae cousins.

Mammals seen in 2013, January - early March ...

1] Grey Squirrel - Minsmere
2] Rabbit - Minsmere
3] Hare - Sudbury area
4] Red Deer - Minsmere, Rendlesham Forest
5] Muntjac Deer - Minsmere


Em Parkinson said...

The only time I have ever seen a hare was as a child in Suffolk in the fields around where we were in Little Saxham. Since then, I have hoped but never seen. Very envious!

keiko amano said...


I knew hare and rabbit are not the same, but I didn't know what are differences. Thank you. One hide under the soil, and the other doesn't and jumps higher and runs faster. So, for children tales, hare tends to be a mischievous character, and rabbit is cute and friendly.

Crafty Green Poet said...

I rarely see hares, they're really very different from rabbits with their more upright way of running and their big glowing amber eyes.

Adam Tilt said...

Fantastic sighting Caroline. I've only ever seen Hares up in Scotland.

Sarah Shoesmith said...

We live near the Norfolk/Suffolk border and we get hares here. I haven't seen any yet this spring, although I will keep a look out for them now. I have never managed to get a decent photo of one, so well done!

Linda said...

Beautiful sighting...fantastic!