Wednesday 5 December 2012

Beautiful Birds: Waxwings

I guess most of us who enjoy birding feel a thrill when we see a species for the first time. I don't methodically add 'Lifers' to a list, but it is always exciting to see new birds.

The Waxwing in the photos is my latest 'bird of the blog'. I had begun to feel it was only a matter of time until our first sighting, as we knew these birds were about on the trees with berries at Minsmere. We didn't reach the reserve until it was practically dusk, so my photos are only record shots. The thrill, however, was seeing these birds, and discovering that they were much larger than we had expected. The photo challenge now is to return earlier in the day, when the sun is out and the birds are about!

Meanwhile, Google Images has some stunning shots over here. The RSPB site has useful information, and can be found here.

I wonder (purely out of interest) whether those of you reading this watch birds ...

[a] professionally
[b] to tick off the species as you see them
[c] casually and for enjoyment
[d] to record trends in the avian population (which you submit to relevant bodies)
[e] because you enjoy photographing them
[f] because bird watching encourages exercise
[g] other

Do drop a line - or relevant letter e.g. [a] - in the Comments box if you feel so inclined. As I say, this is just for interest. Oh, and are there any Waxwings in your neck of the woods?


Em Parkinson said...

(b) and (e) for me Caroline. I'd LOVE to see a Waxwing!

Heather Williams said...

b & c for me. I'd love to be able to take decent photos of them as well but the zoom on my camera isn't really up to it. So far I've not seen any waxwings around us but I live in hopes.

Heather (in West Berkshire)

Caroline Gill said...

[c], [e] and [f] for me ... just realised I should join in, too!

Kay Weeks said...

My watching birds really isn't on the list...they are fascinating, uplifting, always beautiful...

Mary said...

Probably c and e mostly for me. I love to watch them and learn about them and take their photos. Seeing a lot of different birds is a plus and I record new ones, but I don't go out actively seeking new ones. Waxwings are gorgeous birds and I always look forward to seeing them. They will come to my house probably in January when they decide the crab apples are just the way they like them :-) There are plenty on the tree this year, so I am anxiously awaiting the waxwings. I have found that they are not too spooky and will let me walk out near the tree for good photos. Hope you see them again!

Crafty Green Poet said...

a (sort of, as I teach birdwatching), b, c, d and (for large slow moving species only) e.

Waxwings have been in Edinburgh, and I had a wonderful close encounter with a whole flock of them. No photos but the experience was just amazing.