Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Home Patch: The Return of the Jay

I was just about to come upstairs when a Jay caught my eye. I haven't seen one in the garden since May, which is when this photograph was taken. The Jay above was presumably retrieving a late autumn acorn from its cache. I tried to take a new picture today, but the bird was too quick for me. I presume it was about to deposit an acorn this time for the new treasure store.

I watched a Grey Heron soar past the window a couple of days ago. It must be time to update my Home Patch tally, now that we have been in our Suffolk home for six months. 


Adam Tilt said...

Funnily enough we have just had our first ever Jay in our own garden. Do you think there are more about recently as that's certainly the impression I get?

Caroline Gill said...

I'm not sure there are more over here, Adam, but we certainly felt there were a lot about in the Hendrefoilan area before we moved east. Jays and Magpies.

Crafty Green Poet said...

I rarely see jays, they're very beautiful birds