Friday 10 August 2012

Odonata (11): Minsmere - Brown Hawker

Brown Hawker - I think!

My thanks to David for his photos above of this splendid dragonfly, which alighted in a gorse bush during our visit to Minsmere on 21 July.

My close-up (but shaky as I was trying to keep clear of the gorse spikes!)


Mary said...

Don't you wish you could tell them to move out where you could see them better?? That last shot shows it pretty well despite the grasses.

Andrea said...

Caroline, you are so good in focusing that first one despite the mixed traps of those grasses. I can appreciate your diligence there! hahaha!

Em Parkinson said...

This is fabulous. What stunning pictures. I've just tipped you over the 25 mark with the followers; you had the same as me! So glad I found you through that caterpillar search.