Saturday 4 June 2011

Bird Count (4): May 2011 ... plus 'Best of the Rest'


It's time for my May 2011 update, and I'm ashamed to say that I spotted very few 'first in 2011' species of bird. It is for this reason that I have 'cheated' and combined my complement of living creatures for this month. The birds are all first sightings of the year: the others may not be. My thanks to those kind bloggers out there who helped every so often with an ID.  

WORDLE for JUNE 2011 ~ species seen

If you are interested in my wild flower count for 2011, you can find the current tally by clicking here. I wonder what new items will be added in June ... The Ram's Horn Snail was perhaps the most unusual sighting: it was rather camouflaged and I initially wondered if I had spotted a leech!

P.S. I have just realised that the Dock Beetle appears twice ~ sorry!


Mary said...

Those are cool newts. I've never seen any that weren't pets.

Rosie Nixon Fluerty said...

That's a great newt photo Caroline. Your newts legs are longer than the newts in my pond. At least you don't have the algae that's in mine. Mine have just got tiny legs still.

Caroline Gill said...

Sadly it's not my pond, Rosie ... It's in a larger pond where we have seen eels (& tadpoles for that matter), so I guess a case of survival of the fittest!